Who we are

Mountain Vista Accounting and Consulting thanks you for your interest.  We are located in the Northeast Heights.  The electronic connection for our most used programs allow us to operate in and out of our office, meeting with clients at their place of business and managing their needs using both platforms.  Though we tout the use of QuickBooks©, we are versed on a variety of financial software suites, many specific to a particular industry.  In a potential clients first exposure to MVACG we listen to why the client has reached out for assistance and move into an analysis of current policies and procedures.  From there, we outline an offering of services designed to help the business owner / officers attain their goals.  Once agreed MVACG implements, evaluates, and establishes processes in coordination with the client.  We become as engaged in the financial aspects of the company as the client desires.  Bookkeeping and Accounting services are only a sub-part of the teaming experience our customers can expect and enjoy.   Our current clients have a new found financial clarity giving them a starting point to increase profitability for themselves and/or their investors. 


Thank you,

Joanne and Steve Gayer

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